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Wine Club

Fill out the information in this form and we will contact you.

Our wine club gives you a 20% discount on all wine plus you get the opportunity to purchase wines that are not available to the general public like our Friar's Mission Angelica, which we produce less than 20 gallons per year. You will also be invited to special events here at the winery.


Membership in our wine club is FREE, we only ask that you buy 3 shipments of 2 bottles each year. The wines in the shipment will be charged to your credit card at your discounted price plus tax and shipping. Come by and pick up the selection within 30 days and save the cost of shipping.


You must be 21 years of age or older to join our Wine Club and sign for shipments.

3 shipments of 2 bottles per year.* There is a 1 year (3 shipments) commitment. You will be notified via email, snail mail, or phone message 3 times each year (approximately in Feburary, June, and October). Shipments may be picked up at the vineyard as soon as the release is made. If you have not picked up your wine within 30 days your credit card will be automatically billed for the wine minus your 20% discount plus taxes, and shipping and handling.**

Brooking Vineyards is not and will not be responsible for any nonsufficient fund charges to your account. Discounts cannot be combined with any other offers.

A membership may be canceled at any time after 3 shipments and before the month of the next release. Notification must be in writing and sent by email or mailed to Brooking Vineyards at 375 Skyline Dr, Vista, CA 92084.

Selection of the wines included in Member's shipment is at the discretion of Brooking Vineyards. Delivery schedules may vary. 

* Subject to sufficient production. Brooking Vineyards produces limited quantities to assure the highest quality wine. We will endeavor to provide each member with a full selection. In the event you do not receive part or all of a selection, you will not be charged, and will be given priority for the subsequent selection.

** All purchases are non-refundable; tax, shipping and handling added when appropriate.