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Brooking Vineyards

Port Style Wines

Our 2014 Estate Tempranillo Angelica is our latest vintage of our award winning Brooking Vineyards Port style wine. This is a rich, robust traditional wine to be savored after dinner. Tempranillo is the main grape varietal used in Port and the most planted red varietal in Spain and grows extremely well in our climate here in Vista CA. All of our wine is made 100% from grapes grown on our estate.

Brooking Vineyards
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The 2014 Estate Muscat Canelli Angelica is a white Angelica reflecting the best of our local Terroir. There is no doubt that this is the richest Muscat you have ever tasted. With a slight hint of oak, currants and a condensed collection of flavors balance our Angelica's natural sweetness to deliver a truly sophisticated and enjoyable experience. In the 1800s this wine was produced right here in Vista and was popular around the World.

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